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Yes, Dropping Your Pants Is A Matter Of Human Rights

AFP – An order banning a teenager from wearing his trousers too low has been dropped because it breached his human rights, a court was told.

Ellis Drummond, 18, faced an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) which included a ban on “wearing trousers so low beneath the waistline that members of the public are able to see his underwear”.


Council Of Europe Chick To England: You Idiots Have Some Enlightenment Coming

Telegraph – “Banning corporal punishment is the model that the Council of Europe would like countries to follow. You can call it ’pressure’ if you like, but we are not about to shove anything down your throats. It is a matter of time and understanding, and we think that time will prove that we are on the right side of the debate on whether to ban corporal punishment of children.”

Paper: Sex Criminal Can’t Be Deported Because Of His Human Rights

Daily Mail – A Pakistani paedophile who abducted and sexually abused two young girls cannot be deported back to his native country because it would breach his human rights, it emerged today.

Zulfar Hussain, 48, was due to be sent home when he is released from prison halfway through his sentence for plying two vulnerable girls with drugs and alcohol before having sex with them.

Julius: The “Human Rights” Religion

Guardian, Anthony Julius – As for the appropriations of, and accommodations with, liberal positions, the general abandonment of Marxist positions in favour of liberal or post-liberal ones is evident wherever one looks, but particularly evident, perhaps, among France’s political theorists. The “class struggle” between 1848 and 1936 encouraged people on the left to regard rights as mere abstractions, aspects of bourgeois ideology that concealed and legitimised the subordination of one class to another. But this supersession of rights by communism did not take place: on the contrary, it was by exposing the absence of “rights” in the Soviet Union and its satellites that communism was discredited.

A human rights discourse now dominates politics; there is a powerful human rights “movement”. It is the new secular religion of our time.

Steyn: Idiotic Bobbies At It Again

The Corner – Not in modern Britain. Her Majesty’s Constabulary are among the laziest, most overpaid, most obnoxious and most useless in the world. It was entirely predictable that, given the choice between taking on violent ne’er-do-wells or harrassing harmless old-timers with pocket knives, they’d choose the latter…

Sex Criminal Jumps On The Human Rights Bandwagon

Perthshire Advertiser – A SERIAL sex attacker claimed yesterday that his Human Rights were being breached by being banned from watching porn on his computer.

Twenty-six-year-old Martin Jones, of St Catherine’s Road, Perth, was jailed for 18 months at the Sheriff Court in March of last year for stalking a 12-year-old girl in the city centre.

Rights, Rights, Rights, Rights…

Bold ours.

Guardian – The pundits who predicted that the three main political parties were broadly agreed on reforming the Human Rights Act through a British bill of rights have been confounded. It is not the case that they all propose to amend it. Only the Conservatives pledge to scrap the HRA andreplace it with a UK bill of rights. When the Liberal Democrats publish their manifesto this morning they will line up with Labour in standing by the Human Rights Act. More intriguingly, given their consistent commitment to constitutional reform and individual rights, they will not express support for a UK bill of rights.