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The Human Right To Have The Public Pay For Your Sex Change Operation

Edmonton Journal – Dismayed and angry members of the transgendered community are preparing to launch a human rights complaint after the province delisted sex-change surgery from its funding coverage.

“It’s a matter of life and death,” said Jamie-Lynn Garvin, a 47-year-old who has been living as a woman for the last two years and was on a waiting list for a sex-change operation (although her funding hadn’t yet been approved).


Paper: Bummed About Balls

Edmonton Journal – The Alberta government again appears to be making health-care decisions based not on true cost savings, but on what it thinks taxpayers will make the least noise about. How else to explain the continuing determination to end funding for sex-change operations?…

In the case of the relatively few Albertans seeking sex-reassignment surgery each year, they would be required to pay for a procedure that costs between $18,000 and $70,000 — an amount that can be financially devastating, to say nothing of the emotional and psychological devastation that would result from being unable to afford it.

If You Want The Public To Pay For Your Boobs, Get In Quick

Vancouver Sun – Albertans who have already had voluntary mastectomies or have started hormone therapy that has irreversibly led them to change sexes will be eligible to have their transgender surgery paid for by the province if they apply by July 31.

Funding for up to 20 people will remain in place for the sex-change surgeries until 2014-15, when the cash will dry up from Alberta Health and Wellness.

Shocking News: A Vagina Means You’re Female

ABC (Australia) – A Sydney transsexual man who wants his birth certificate amended has lodged a sex discrimination complaint against the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Conor Montgomery, 50, was born female.

But a few years ago he borrowed $15,000 to have what transsexual men call top surgery – a double mastectomy and a chest reconstruction. He has also taken male hormones.

However Mr Montgomery has not had a hysterectomy or genital surgery because of health and financial reasons.

The Human Right To Cut Your Balls Off And Pick A New Handle

3 News – The first Australian person recognised as neither man nor woman has complained to the Human Rights Commission after the State Government ruled against the decision.

Earlier this month, Norrie was granted a “sex not specified” certificate by the registry of births, deaths and marriages.

But it’s been cancelled for legal reasons.

Norrie was born a boy, but had sex-change surgery and no longer identifies as male or female.