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Gay Rights Lady To Ontario Premier: Hey, When Are You Going To Teach Anal Sex To School Kids?

CanWest – A gay rights group on Friday criticized Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s decision to shelve a retooling of the province’s sexual education curriculum.

Egale Canada’s executive director, Helen Kennedy, said McGuinty’s reversal on the policy, which would have introduced discussions on sexuality in Grade 3 and anal intercourse in Grade 7, was “very disappointing,” adding that “kids with same sex partners are being left out again.”


Aussie Justice: Kids Need More Human Rights Education

It’s becoming a common theme on the international human rights scene: get into the schools and teach ’em while they’re young.

[ABC] A conference in Byron Bay has been told that Australian children should be taught more about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in schools.

The event is sponsored by the Southern Cross University and timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the signing of the declaration.

“It is a charter, if you like, for activism. Activism shouldn’t be a nasty word. Activism means getting off your bottom and doing something for people who are less well looked after in the world,” [Justice Michael Kirby] said.

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488 Discrimination Complaints Being Investigated In Victoria, Australia Schools

A PRIMARY school teacher accused of calling a pupil a “dumb blonde” is among those to be hit with discrimination complaints.

The teacher, accused of repeatedly making demeaning comments in class about the girl being blonde, was counselled. The pupil was transferred to another class.

A confidential payout and apology was made after the girl’s furious mother consulted Victoria’s discrimination watchdog.

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Quebec Human Rights Board: Provide Space For Prayer

How did we know we’d see a Human Rights commission show up somewhere in this article.

The rooms are reserved for teaching. But he can sit on a bench, pray in the corridors or anywhere. I cannot provide a room for him because if I did that, I would have to provide rooms for every other faith.”

Ms. Charest said she would provide a private room for prayer if the law required it.

A spokesman for the Quebec Human and Youth Rights Commission said employers must accommodate devout people of any faith who need a private space for prayer.

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Faith Is Fine, Just Don’t Believe It

Douglas Farrow, in The Gazette:

Recently, the bishop of Lancaster, Patrick O’Donoghue, was interrogated by the government’s Children, Schools and Families Select Committee about his directive to diocesan schools to teach the Catholic faith and Catholic morals to their students.   That directive, according to the committee chair, Barry Sheerman, smacked of a “fundamentalism” unacceptable to the British government.  “It seems to me that faith education works all right as long as people are not that serious about their faith,” Sheerman said. “But as soon as there is a more doctrinaire attitude questions have to be asked.”

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Council of Europe To Ireland: Teach Your Children Properly

The report also highlighted the need for increasing choice in the educational system, particularly to take account of cultural and religious differences.

[Human Rights Commissioner for the Council] Mr Hammarberg described the current lack of a choice as a problem, and expressed concern about the segregation of non-Catholic migrants in education.

“The growing diversity of Irish society has seen an increase in the demand for multi-denominational or non-denominational schools that the current practical and legislative infrastructure is unable to meet, in particular when schools are obliged to enrol Catholic applicants first. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance has recommended that the greater demand for non-denominational or multi-faith schools should be met, ” he said.

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Next Stop, Christmas

A recommendation claiming York’s Jewish holiday scheduling results in “preferential treatment” has spokespeople scrambling to explain the report is not official policy.
Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) investigator Kim Hanson’s recommendation, released on March 28, was over a complaint launched by York University professor David Noble.
Noble had complained to the OHRC that York’s policy of cancelling classes on the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur was unfair to York’s diverse student body.

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