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Human Rights Is Big Bucks

Winnipeg Free Press – Two-and-a-half million dollars down, another $36.5 million to go.

The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights just received $2.5 million to help build the museum that’s under construction at The Forks.


Break Out The Champagne

Winnipeg Free Press – Speaking of Hoeppner, the rookie MP from Portage-Lisgar got a big boost last week when she was voted to chair the House of Commons committee on human rights, skills and social development.

Alcoholic Declares Human Right To Detox Without Prayer

CBC – A Winnipeg man who has struggled with alcoholism for decades says he has filed a complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission over the lack of a treatment program that’s free of religious or spiritual elements.

Rob Johnstone said he has battled alcoholism for 40 years and can’t find a treatment program that doesn’t rely on religion or spirituality as part of the recovery process.

“I should not be forced to participate in someone else’s religious beliefs. I shouldn’t have to add to mine,” said Johnstone, who added he has been an alcoholic for 40 years.

Update: Manitoba Premier Pressured Over Donations From Crown Companies

Manitoba’s Opposition says the government was “sneaky and underhanded” when it suggested to its Crown corporations that they should donate to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The province’s auto insurer, the publicly owned utility and the agencies in charge of alcohol and lotteries have each planned to donate about $1 million for the construction of the museum.

Premier Gary Doer said Monday he “encouraged” various Crown boards to donate to the museum. The province has already pledged $40 million to the museum.

“Crown corporations make investments in our community in all the time,” said Doer.

“If you go to a Bomber game, you’ll see ads and other promotions [from Crown agencies] for the support of the football club.”

But Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen sees it differently. He said the New Democrats basically directed the Crown agencies to put money into the project.

“There’s no difference between encouraging and directing when it comes to the premier and a Crown corporation,” McFadyen said. “Generally speaking, when the boss encourages you to do something, you don’t take it as an optional thing.”

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Backroom Dealing OK, As Long As It’s For The “Community”

Premier Gary Doer says he “encouraged” four of Manitoba’s Crown Corporations to make $1 million donations to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, but said there’s nothing wrong with that because it is in keeping with their tradition of supporting the community.

Last year the Manitoba government gave $40 million to the $265 million museum project slated to be built at The Forks.

The province tacked that money onto the budget of its department of culture, heritage, tourism and sport. The donation caused that department to go nearly 47% over budget.

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Wanted: A Fascist To Help With Human Rights Issues

WINNIPEG — An outspoken Canadian native leader is urging Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to throw his weight behind an attempt to block two multibillion-dollar pipelines that will transport oil from Alberta to the United States.

Terrance Nelson, chief of the Roseau First Nation in Manitoba, met last week with officials at the Venezuelan embassy in Ottawa and yesterday released a letter to Mr. Chavez in which he calls the President “a beacon of hope for poor and oppressed people everywhere.” 

The letter asks Mr. Chavez to turn the international spotlight to human-rights violations against indigenous people in Canada and to champion their cause.

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