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Human Rights Is Big Bucks

Winnipeg Free Press – Two-and-a-half million dollars down, another $36.5 million to go.

The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights just received $2.5 million to help build the museum that’s under construction at The Forks.


Whenever Someone Tells Us That “Human Rights” Isn’t About Money, We Laugh Our Heads Off

CTV – The Forks in Winnipeg is undergoing a makeover which is expected to last around ten years.

The Forks North Portage and their site partners outlined their plans for the future of the area at a Public Open House on Saturday.

Some of the projects include an Adventure Park for kids, renovations to the Manitoba Children Museum and the Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park and Interpretive Centre as well as the anticipated completion of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

There are also plans to build 350 condominium and apartment suites.

Can’t Wait! Human Rights Museum Model Finally On Display

Marketwire – The Canadian Museum for Human Rights invites media and the public to see the model of the Museum during the Forks Open House this weekend. This is a great opportunity to get an idea of what the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will look like when it opens its doors in 2012. The model was previously featured as part of CentrePlace Manitoba at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics.

Cost To Taxpayers For Human Rights Museum Reaches $160 000 000

[Times Colonist] The museum’s mandate is to create a centre of learning and history with a focus on human rights, both in Canada and abroad. Envisioned to be the largest centre of its type in the world, the museum will have a special focus on equipping and educating young people to become human rights leaders and advocates.

In addition to $105 million Asper wants to raise from the private sector — a goal she said she is within “a few million” of achieving — the facility has received $160 million from various levels of government.

Bless The Poor And Pass The Champagne: Human Rights Museum Trustees Hold Cocktail Party

[Winnipeg Sun] On Wednesday, friends, supporters and board members of The Canadian Museum for Human Rights gathered at the Centennial Concert Hall for a cocktail reception.

Rwanda? Yeah, pity. Now where's the cheese and crackers?

"Darfur? Yes, what a pity."

A Little Feel-Good Padding For Rich Resumes

[Globe and Mail] A Winnipeg real estate mogul, a former president of the Montreal Canadiens and a Quebec sociologist and film historian have been named to the first board of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights by Canadian Heritage Minister Josée Verner.

Eight members – six men, two women – were named trustees late Wednesday by the minister. At press time last night, it was unclear if Ms. Verner might be naming more members to the board, which is scheduled to hold its first meeting in Winnipeg next month. The Museums Act allows the government to appoint as many as 11 trustees, including the chair.

They Were Probably Singing Camp Songs While Drafting A Human Rights Petition

[AOL] An archeological dig at the site of the future Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg has unearthed a rare find: a footprint estimated to be 800 years old.

It’s not clear if the footprint was made by a man or a woman, but it was probably left in the mud around 1200 A.D., Kroeker said. Pieces of pottery and fish remains were found underneath it, he said.

The area appears to have been a popular campsite around the time the footprint was left, he said.

“Somebody was camped there, a group of people. By the style of pottery, they were from eastern Manitoba. But they were also being visited by another style of pottery, people from western Manitoba,” he said.

“The two groups were sitting there, probably fishing because bison and venison are very lean meats so you need the fat from catfish to round out your diet.”

The rest.