National Post: More Fun At The Human Rights Circus

National Post – The family of Luc Cagadoc, a young Filipino student from Montreal, claims the boy was discriminated against by his elementary school’s staff for eating his lunch Filipino-style — cutting his food with a fork and scooping it into his mouth with a spoon. This week, the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal came down on Luc’s side, awarding $17,000 to his family for racial and ethnic prejudice.


4 responses to “National Post: More Fun At The Human Rights Circus

  1. Thomas Fernie

    Hi, here is a story of no human rights or rights to equaltity.
    Almost 9 years ago I met a woman who would babysit my son while I would work. this for years, and she lived in cause I often did 16 and 17 hour days.a few years go by, I had been sick, lung operation couldn’t afford her but she stood by and took care of me and my son. She was then diagnosed with aids and she tried to take the meds but would just vomit and tried like this for a good 7 months. Then said forget it, I die when it is time. Stopped the meds and mentioned she had a dream. I said what’s that Nat? She said I want to get married before I die. So, I married her and gave her her dream. The welfare in quebec then implied common law marriage and reclaimed five years (because at the time of marriage we had known each other about 6 years). $27,000 dollars. They then started deductions from our welfare cheque of 224 a month. And this lasted for like 30 months until my wife died on January 12th 2010. Welfare then told me I would get the same amount for 3 months and then would recieve benifits for one person with a child. May was my first cheque for one person and a child. The amount I am entitled to is 593. They still took 224 leaving me with 368 when the rent alone is 475. I called and said why 224 (because they were taking as penalty they claimed…..112 per person). I said but she is dead and no longer here. The answer was It is because it is penalties…..
    So if I understand I must now pay the whole amount back but, I also have to pay my penalty of 112 per month and the penalty of a dead person of 112 per month.thus leaving me with absolutely no way for me to do anything to improve my situation, and I am not having a good month.
    But I married as a Christian and according to the holy bible you are married when maried before a pastor or priest before God. They decided I was married after 1 year but I thought forced marriage was no longer practiced…….
    And yet…..The young Seeks in montreal once had a problem about carrying their symbolic knives and was in the news and all that crap, and finally it was permitted because it was their “religeon”……. When I first started with nat as my baby sitter, I worked at a company called Nadeu in Ville d’Anjou at the east end area of montreal. Their was a muslem who worked with us. Everyy friday at a certain time he would stop woking and go somewhere where we were not aloud to disturb him. He would light incense and pray to his God Ala….with pay above and beyond the regular breaks…..
    when the other asked why, we were told that it is their religeon and that they could not stop him……
    BUT! Me The Canadian-Quebecois can simply eat shit and die with my rights and my religeon…….. Is this the equal rights and hummain rights that my son has to look forward to…….I am english and raised him in french because a part me believed that in some ways, quebec was a unique society. But now I really do hope they succed in seperating just so I could sit back and watch English Canada kick their stupid asses again like, they so well deserve. I mean really… do these idiots think they will make it if they seperate….? Their National meal is “Poutine” How many poutine do they think they can sell to support their citizens…….It is no-longer quebec that should hold a referendum to seperate……..It should be all the other provinces that hold a referendum to see if they still want quebec as a part of Canada…..
    The quebec government has killed me as is. I will never have a chance to get out this false forced mariage claim. My financial life is over, they killed my wifes dream of marriage by making it 2 and a half years of “misere” and difficulties and robbing us the little amount we had to live as is……and now that she is gone they are trying to finish off me and my son……….
    If God would wish, I would recieve lots of money from all-over and then I would pay them off and seperate….get out….show my son what Canada is all about. What helping and respecting people is. Here they don’tsee you coming down the street until they walk right into you and then give you shit for not watching where “they” are going… That is is why they put “Quebec, Je me souviens” on their license plates. They must remind themselves to remember themselves.
    So, National Post and the rest of Canada….I am Thomas Fernie and my heart goes out to you. Unfortunately, there is no hope for a province run by a government who sqaushes there people instead of lifting them up…..
    God Bless
    tom fernie

  2. Thomas Fernie

    I want to see quebec seperate so bad now…..that I am thinking about having a map of canada tatooed on my butt…this way, everytime I sit on the bowl and my buttocks spread, quebec will be seperated from the rest…..
    God Bless

  3. Thomas Fernie

    And…I thought that most of the money from the quebec welfare was funded from the federal government…If this is the case then some of the money they have been reclaiming for over 30 months now should be refunded to the federal government, I mean one would think……right…..
    the money mostly comes from them so if I have been over paid and quebec is collecting in back then they should be sending some back to the feds….by all logic….. or they are just pocketing it to try and secure the sale of poutine in quebec so they can seperate…….ha ha ha ha
    tom fernie

  4. Thomas Fernie

    Moreover they have done this to hundreds of poor people who get married, ok, some maybe with reason but…what about all the others…and how many millions does the amount they rob from their own poor in reality, actually total up to……millions of dollars that is meant for the poor but they–“the unique society with a unique government” have the solution to rob the poor and then……raise the prices of poutine so that the poor souls can’t even buy one before they die…..Why does all this remind me of something and what….? Oh…soudaam hitler and all those other bad authority figures…that what is that feeling of deja vous………
    the question is now, when will the rest of the world step in and put a stop to it the way they did to the others………

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