Time For Another Cartoon Controversy

Express Buzz – A controversial cartoon in a Montreal newspaper at the weekend has further fuelled the niqab controversy and angered Muslims in Canada.

The controversy, which was sparked by a Muslim woman’s refusal in November to remove her veil in her French language class in Montreal, has been further inflamed by the controversial cartoon in the Montreal Gazette at the weekend. In the cartoon, a Muslim woman is depicted in niqab from top to toes, with the slit space for her eyes shown in jail bars and a lock.


One response to “Time For Another Cartoon Controversy

  1. I just finished reading “Infidel”, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who grew up with the oppression of a Muslim family/country/society and is a women’s rights activist after fleeing to Holland. I used to be “tolerant” of the issues she spoke out, and had a very “European” viewpoint of the whole thing, but in our “tolerance” we are just allowing atrocious human rights violations to occur (think circumcisions on kitchen tables in your neighbourhood, honor killings in our own backyards). We are allowing these women to suffer so greatly, and to raise uneducated, barbaric children who will repeat this vicious cycle….all because we fear that standing up for them may be considered “racist/intolerant” in some way…

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