If The Words, “So, You From Around Here?” Leave Your Lips, You’ve Had It

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission – A Guide to Application Forms and Interviews:

That’s why the Code says employers can’t ask certain questions – those where the information might influence the selection process in a way that discriminates…

Before employment, a medical examination is not allowed. Employers can’t ask questions about an applicant’s medical history either…

[Drug] Testing identifies persons with disabilities and targets them for discriminatory treatment. Therefore, in most situations it will not be allowed under the Code…

Don’t ask about foreign addresses which would indicate national origin. Okay to ask about current and previous addresses in Canada and how long applicant stayed there…

5. Citizenship. Don’t ask about an applicant’s citizenship status – it would reveal applicant’s nationality, ancestry or place of origin. That includes questions about proof of citizenship or the date citizenship was received.

10. Sex. On the application form, don’t ask about the sex of an applicant.

11. Age. Before hiring, don’t ask for any record (like birth certificate) or other information that would reveal the applicant’s age…


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