Human Rights is Big Bucks #10

Toronto Star – The former employees described a poisonous atmosphere, where minority workers were repeatedly told they were lazy and lucky to have a job. One said he heard Tompkins use the term “nigger” every day.

Tompkins’ witnesses told the hearing that he was a tough boss, who might have yelled, or raised his voice, but never used racist language…

Tompkins testified that said [sic] he decided to fire her on the prior Friday, for poor work habits, such as using Facebook on company time and showing up late for work.

Khan said she was occasionally late, used Facebook during work, and often worked overtime…

“Having weighed the evidence before me I find, on a balance (of) probabilities, that (Tompkins) did repeatedly use the terms “Paki” and “nigger” as well as making other offensive comments to the applicant that he knew would be unwelcome.”

Whist ordered Tompkins to pay $25,000 to Khan for discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code and another $6,750 for lost wages as a result of being fired from her job.


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