Human Rights Is Big Bucks #7

Ottawa Citizen – Jeremy Dias is only 26, but he’s long been the poster boy for anti-bullying in Canada. At 17, while attending high school in Sault Ste. Marie, he began a legal case against his school and the Algoma District School Board because of the discrimination he received after coming out and for trying to make his school “queer-friendly.”…

Prompted by friends and family, Dias filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission in 2002. The case was eventually settled by Dias, the school board and the Human Rights Commission with the school board paying him $5,000 and offering programming to address homophobia in the board….

In the last five years, Jer’s Vision has grown into an organization with more than 800 volunteers, forming one of the country’s largest anti-bullying organizations. His vision, now a national charity, includes more than 40 programs and youth committees. This year, they received more than $75,000 in donations from corporations and government grants.


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