York-Simcoe MPP Munro: New OHRC Tribunal Appointees Being Vetted With Steyn Questions

Listening and Acting

Julia Munro: Listening and Acting

Maybe some politicians are listening after all, at least in the Progressive Conservative party. May we suggest contacting Munro at julia.munroco@pc.ola.org to give her a pat on the back. Tell her keep it up. We are especially psyched that she framed it as a “freedom of the press case.”

However, note that the appointees had few answers regarding the Steyn case. So these appointees either didn’t know about it, or didn’t care to talk about it. In other words, the merry little Star Chamber learned nothing from 2008, and it’s business as usual.

Emphasis ours.

[The Scope] The second role of the committee is to review intended appointments to agencies, boards and commissions. One of the most interesting developments this summer has been the multiple appointments by the government to the Human Rights Tribunal. PC members of the committee repeatedly questioned the potential appointees about their opinion of the Mark Steyn freedom of the press case, receiving little in the way of answers. Holding potential appointees to account is important because many of these individuals will hold decision making powers that greatly affect the lives of Ontario citizens.


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