Starbucks Celebrates Ramadan

Hoping for a comeback, Starbucks looks to the festive season.



[Drinks Business Review] Starbucks will be offering its Anniversary Blend and Arabian Mocha Timor coffees to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

Introduced in 1996, the Anniversary Blend coffee comes with an extra bold taste. Combining coffees from Yemen and East Timor along with berry notes, the Arabian Mocha Timor coffee also offers a bold taste.

In addition to the coffees, the coffee chain is also offering Ramadan pastries such as: Fig and Coconut Bar, the Pistachio Delight and the Date and Apricot loaf.

Flashback: July 2, 2008:

[New York Times] In a harsher economic climate, Starbucks’s green-and-white mermaid logo is about to become a little less ubiquitous.

The company, the world’s largest coffee chain, said Tuesday that it would close 600 stores in the United States beginning this year. It will lay off more than 12,000 employees in the process, the most in its history.


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