Scribe Fight: Barbara Kay Says Media Should Blackball Mallick

[National Post] Not that I want Mallick reported to a  Human rights Commission. I just want the CBC to fire her and I want to  see her blackballed from Canadian media altogether.

I used to make a  point of tracking Mallick’s hysterical anti-American, anti- conservative ravings when she worked at the Globe, because her swill  was unavoidable. It was a happy day for me when she burned her bridges at the Globe and Mail. I suppose for those who are familiar with what clicks at the higher reaches of the CBC hierarchy, it is needless  to say that Mallick’s frenzied, hate-filled diatribes against George  Bush, Republicans, pro-life women and anyone else she’d like to see  barred from entering Canada is exactly what they consider daring and  courageous. 


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