Clothes Discrimination Complaint Brought To CHRC

Safety advisor says women shouldn’t have skirts down to the floor while on the job? Bigots!

UPS: just another name for our list of People Getting/Already Screwed.

[UPI] A Muslim Canadian woman claims she lost her job scanning boxes at United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE:UPS) because she refused to hike up her long skirt to her knees.

Nadifo Yusuf, 35, told the Canadian Human Rights Commission she had worked at the Toronto delivery plant as a temporary employee for two years wearing a traditional hijab, headscarf and skirt with no problem — even tucking in her hijab and raising her skirt to mid-calf for safety reasons.

But around April 2005, when her job was changed to a full-time unionized position, she was told to hike her skirt to knee-length or face losing her job for safety reasons, The Toronto Star reported.

Maybe there's a reason...?

Maybe there is a reason...?


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