Rebecca Finch, Canadian Liberal Party Nominee: Conservative Party “Morally Bankrupt, Bigoted”

Rebecca Finch

Rebecca Finch - Western Standard Pic

[Western Standard] In the Ontario riding of Dufferin-Caledon, Rebecca Finch, the Liberal Party nominee, has already gotten into some hot water when she blogged about proposed federal arts program cuts, calling the federal Conservative government a “sad, undemocratic, un-Canadian, dishonest, close-minded, elitist, morally bankrupt, over-zealous, bigoted, chauvinist, and ignorant excuse for a government.”

Updating her post with another one, entitled “Never post a blog when you’re angry“, the firebrand expanded on what she meant by each pejorative adjective in her original post. 

Firebrand, huh?

The Western Standard goes on to kiss Becky’s ass for her stance against censorship, calling it “very encouraging.” We call bullshit. The government is full of “bigots” because they want to cut independent movie funding? Anyone that uses the reflex “bigot” and “chauvinist” tags, without facts, to stir up resentment is simply a hack in our books.


One response to “Rebecca Finch, Canadian Liberal Party Nominee: Conservative Party “Morally Bankrupt, Bigoted”

  1. I’ll tell you something about Becky: she is honest, hard-working, caring; and real; and it’s a shame to see her attacked; when our country in such a shambles… We would be blessed to have such a good person in government.

    Tell me? Do you really think our government now is doing a good job of protecting the Canadian culture and lifestyle?

    But Becky, I do believe it’s time for a change… No P.C., or Liberal for me… Time for a change… Let’s go Green.

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