Big Deal. Not Like It Was A Cartoon Or Anything

[Ekklesia] A Christian woman is taking an art centre to court over an exhibition which included a statue of Jesus that she believes is lewd and offensive. Civil rights advocates say that this is an attempt to reinstate blasphemy laws by the back door.

Lawyers for Emily Mapfuwa, who comes from from Brentwood in London, will put their arguments to Gateshead Magistrates Court when the case resumes.

They will say that the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art committed an “act of a lewd and a disgusting nature and outraged public decency contrary to Common Law” by displaying a statue of Jesus that shows an erect penis.

“This kind of complaint just makes Christians look a bit oversensitive, daft and lacking in real moral priorities,” a vicar told Ekklesia this morning.

Civil rights activists say the case is an attempt to use the common law to bring blasphemy charges, which were abolished recently, back into play, and that this is unhealthy for a free society.


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