Ain’t “Free” Health Care Grand?

[Chronicle Herald] Dr. Leif Sigurdson recently threw a large stone into the tiny, tranquil pond of apathy that represents the technocrats’ handling of treatment for persons with autism in Nova Scotia (“Surgeon heads West with family; Doctor says ‘inadequate resources’ for his autistic child reason for move.”)

Through the media, this much-needed surgeon explained in no uncertain terms why he was pulling up stakes and heading to a province that not only confronts the reality of science-based autism treatment, but attempts to provide same in an ethical, fair manner.

The July 27 article seemed to imply that patients were being “abandoned” and that it was “sad” that this doctor was leaving Nova Scotia and that his 1,700 odd patients were being hard done by. All true.

However, in my view, what is sad is that he has to leave to ensure appropriate medical care for his child. I have a child with autism and fully appreciate the 24-hour nightmare that this family faces. I envy his ability to be in a position to move to another province.


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