So You Tell Us…Are Elected Officials Still In Charge Of British Columbia?

[National Post] Somewhere in the middle are Murray and Peter Corren. One of the first gay couples in Canada to marry, they almost single-handedly forced the topics of sexual orientation, gender identity and same-sex families into schools, launching a B. C. Human Rights Tribunal complaint against the provincial government.

The Correns said they had “much evidence” that the province’s Ministry of Education had, in the past, “taken active steps to suppress these issues from the provincial curriculum.” This was discriminatory, they alleged.

Rather than see the complaint wend through the human rights process, where a quasi-judicial panel might find in favour of the Correns and impose a far-reaching remedy, the province negotiated a settlement two years ago. It pledged to solicit feedback from “organizations or groups with expertise in sexual orientation, homophobia and other issues of inclusion of diversity in the curriculum” and then develop what has become the Social Justice 12 course.

Material: Paul’s Case by Willa Cather “Paul’s Case is about a boy who does not fit in. He is being pressured by his father to become what ‘all the other boys’ become.

Some young people feel that they do not fit in. Paul does not have any real friends. He is often bullied because other youngsters do not understand him. His teachers treat him cruelly because he makes them feel small and inferior. Have students research the correlation between adolescent suicide and homosexuality. What are the possible reasons for this statistic? (Note to teachers: Ensure students understand that homosexuality does not ’cause’ depression or suicide.)” – Course: English 12


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