Floods Are Only Heartbreaking And Scandalous In Louisiana

[USA Today] President Bush declared Brevard, Monroe, Okeechobee and St. Lucie counties in Florida major disaster areas, clearing the way for funds to help local governments do emergency work and repairs.

The aid does not yet include individual homeowners whose properties were damaged by high winds or flood waters. Florida’s emergency management center said Fay damaged or destroyed nearly 1,100 homes. Gov. Charlie Crist said the storm caused millions of dollars in property and agricultural damage.

Late Sunday, rescue teams began evacuating people from 180 homes in a town about 25 miles north of Orlando. Workers used boats to evacuate people from DeBary, where some streets were under 4 feet of water.


[New Orleans City Business, August 25, 2008 – three years after Katrina] In the political sphere, you can count on the Katrina card being played ad infinitum. On the heels of the president’s visit, Sen. Mary Landrieu was critical of the federal bureaucracy that has impeded recovery — you can throw state and city government into the same ring. Mayor C. Ray Nagin maintained Bush, who gushed with reports of recovery progress Wednesday at Jackson Barracks, has yet to fulfill promises he made in his September 2005 speech from Jackson Square.


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