Vancouver Homelessness = Newfoundland’s Problem

Note to Vancouver: When you’re done building the luge run and ski jumps for your wonderful Olympic Games, maybe you should help the homeless living in your own city.

[The Canadian] Many British Columbians who have either seen or ventured in the vicinity East Hastings in Vancouver might have asked themselves the question, does it have to be this way?

However, it does not have to be this way. Such human destitution in areas of poverty and ensuing social malaise that fosters cultures of violence, can easily be addressed within the socially responsible management of Canadian taxpayers’ money. However, this is not the apparent intent of the Stephen Harper government. Rather than allocate public funds, back into communities that look to government to equitably allocate financial resources, the Stephen Harper government chooses to provide billions of dollars in direct and indirect subsidies (through corporate tax shelters), to the most affluent elites of Canadian society. 


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