Guess Everything’s Going Well In Myanmar

Myanmar? What’s Myanmar? Hell with it, let’s slam the UK.

[Associated Press] The U.N. Human Rights Committee is criticizing Britain over its tough counterterrorism laws, legislation that limits free speech and the use of an Indian Ocean territory to secretly move suspected terrorists without legal process.

The report also says Britain’s Official Secrets Act — enacted during the Cold War to protect national security data — helps silence government whistleblowers and keeps important information from the public.

The committee issues its human rights reports every three years after countries offer their own assessments.


[Mizzima] The Burma Campaign UK, a group advocating for human rights and democracy in Burma, said the girl’s naked body was found along with her clothes, slippers, and the basket that she carried on the fateful day.

Nang Seng, Campaign Officer at the BCUK told Mizzima, “This is one incident among thousands of cases and is the trademark of the Burmese Army’s use of rape as weapon of war in Burma.”

According to the BCUK, Nhkum Hkawn Din’s skull was smashed, her eyes were gouged out, her throat was slit, she had stab wounds on her right rib cage, and her face was mutilated. She had been stabbed in the abdomen after she was raped. She was further violated with knives.


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