Putz Thinks Everyone Else Is An Idiot, Too

[Calgary Herald] The absolutist argument that everybody should be able to say anything they please about anyone at all falls flat. The absolutists counter talk of responsible use by grumbling about how other people’s hurt feelings result in perpetrators being “hauled” before human rights commissions.

First, nobody is “hauled” anywhere. “Hauled” evokes the image of two burly guards frog-marching a hapless individual into a building. When a complaint is filed with a human rights commission, the accused person is asked to respond via a letter outlining his or her side of the situation; “hauling” does not take place.

Thanks for the English lesson. Now allow us to practice our absolute human right to say, “Go fuck yourself.” We don’t really mean you need to “fuck” while you “go,” but you’re always welcome to try.


2 responses to “Putz Thinks Everyone Else Is An Idiot, Too

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  2. What are they talking about? If you don’t respond via letter, and refuse to interact with the HRC at all, eventually they will HAUL you somewhere. You will be kidnapped sooner or later if you refuse to comply with their threats and demands.

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