Jonas: Human Rights Officials Kangeroos, Pussies

[National Post] Brainy little kangaroos, our homegrown marsupials. The Bathurst Island kind have nothing on them. Our joeys leaped out of the way with Olympic alacrity, once they heard the thunder rolling down the track.

Here pussy, pussy, have some milk. See what a nice little kitten thought police types can be, once they’re de-clawed.

Whoa, just a sec! Hatred? Excuse me, but what is hatred? The Muslim complainants thought that what Levant and Steyn published or wrote was hatr … 

Oh, complainants, what do they know? Entre nous, they’re just a bunch of Jews, Muslims, homosexuals … We’re officials. We know. Anyone above the rank of obergruppenführer at the Federal or Provincial Human Rights Commissions knows. We’re trained to tell the good cholesterol “offensiveness” from the bad cholesterol “hate.” It’s a skill you acquire in human-rights school … You sit for an exam and get a framed diploma for the wall.


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