Louise Arbour, Pride Of Canada

[UN Watch] “Indeed, the report’s most disturbing findings,” said Neuer, “are that in the period examined, Arbour published no statements at all for victims in 153 countries—places where human rights range from poor to appalling, including Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Libya, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Viet Nam and Yemen. Arbour’s oft-repeated mantra was the fight against impunity. The reality, though, is that, despite Arbour’s other accomplishments, many serial abusers were granted effective impunity.”

Beyond the statistics, the report features a qualitative assessment of Arbour’s treatment of selected regions, giving her high grades for taking on Sudan and Myanmar. Arbour rightly held the U.S. accountable for violations in Iraq and elsewhere, according to the report, but her methods may have been counter-productive, including her filing of legal briefs in U.S. and Iraqi court proceedings, an intervention that she used for no other country.


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