If It’s A Failure, It’s A Pretty Popular One

From the Serve Me Some More Anti-American Kool-Aid file.

[Palestine Chronicle] It’s undeniable that the American social model (the vaunted “American Way of Life”) is a paradox in the world. All you have to do is look around at other nations and the difference is clear as the Rome sky in July. Even today at the nadir of its profound social crisis because of its flagrant, outright failure, America continues unabashedly to hammer away at its people how fortunate they are, while simultaneously proposing itself to the world as the paradigm, the quintessence, the very epitome of western civilization.


[USA Today, 2005 figures] Despite tougher border scrutiny after 9/11, a total of 7.9 million immigrants have come to the USA since 2000, more than in any other five-year period in the nation’s history, figures released Monday show.

Almost half, or 3.7 million, entered illegally, according to an analysis of Census data by the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C., group that advocates controlling the flow of legal and illegal immigrants.

Note: the Palestine Chronicle is based in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, USA.


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