Guilt Trip: Bought An iPhone? Shame On You

[Chronicle Herald] What more can be said? The jury is out. The iPhone petition was strong and loud. Oh, the plastic, the shine, the downloads. How many 15-year-olds will be spending time with their new tech-toys as Omar Khadr, a Canadian, waits for justice? Justice in this case must be operating on a 14 kbps modem. Justice was supposed to be blind; but as she miraculously regains her sight, our consumer lusts are making us the blind ones.


One response to “Guilt Trip: Bought An iPhone? Shame On You

  1. You guys are missing the point. it is not to say we should be guilty about our use of technology but just a literary exercise to challenge ourselves to look at things in a different light. we will eat anything spoonfed us by big marketing companies as being the the solution to fill our lives while meanwhile we are leaving the simply things like spending quality time with each other. when i see people sitting next to each other texting on their cellphones instead of talking to each other than i think we have a problem. wake up and see what we are losing.

    DWE: People? What’s that?

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