Rex Murphy: The Glorious Insanity Of Canadian Human Rights Commissions

[Globe and Mail] Incidentally, one of them, Syed Soharwardy, withdrew his complaint 2½ years in. Did he get a tap on the wrist for instigating so costly and disturbing a process and then – on a whim? on a soul-awakening? out of boredom? – cancelling it? Of course not.

This is one of the less-noticed glories of the Canadian human-rights insanity. Complainants float unburdened like puffballs in a summer breeze – blowing whither they list. Targets – Catholic bishops, Catholic magazines, fundamentalist pastors, genital surgeons, heckled comedians, school boards, fast-food joints, school-prom nights, Maclean’s magazine – empty bank machines and call in lawyers while the “leisurely” process unfurls in an eerie, Kafkaesque slow motion.

The rest.


One response to “Rex Murphy: The Glorious Insanity Of Canadian Human Rights Commissions

  1. The various HRC Bds across our country have been so flooded with left wing-nuts that their decision-making is quite predictable. It is regrettable that the general thrust of their decisions are not meaningless in the near run. In due time , they will be seen to be ideologically driven, past the time for such a stance, and somewhat silly. I rec’d a “Social Credit” newspaper in the mail until a few short years ago. Bizarre material. Smilin’ Jack’s statements re our war on terrorism and the world war that we are most clearly involved in now will haunted his ancestors. He means well.

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