Politicians: Close Gitmo…Close Gitmo…Close Gitmo…Al-Wathba-who?

[SMH] The Australian Greens have renewed calls for the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay to be shut following the release of video footage of its youngest detainee sobbing for his mother.


[Foreign Prisoner Support Service] Al-wathba prison in Abu Dhabi is notorious for its human rights abuse, stoning to death, lashings, overcrowding. Inmates sleep in cells designed for 8 which held 22 with 3 lice infested blankets on a cement floor. Some Women have been there 16 years and have no one to assist them. One lady has been there 4 years without any help from her embassy. The Indian embassy does not acknowledge that they have several indian nationals in this place. The Sri Lankan and Phillipine Embassies try and visit once a month. This information has been submitted to us from a westerner who was incarcerated in al-wathba and received no assistance from her embassy at all.


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