Oh, Damn. It Was That Easy All This Time?

[Martin Lawrence, Globe and Mail] That’s why his uncompromisingly callous approach to a “softened-up” Omar Khadr is one of the most puzzling of his stewardship. His decision to essentially support the Guantanamo process, wherein you are guilty until never given a fair chance to prove yourself innocent, is distressingly regressive.

With the case taking on a new and enormous profile, it provided the Prime Minister with a golden opportunity to not only defend the rights of a Canadian, but to take a stand for higher standards of jurisprudence and humanitarianism that would be heard worldwide. Mr. Harper didn’t have to present himself as defending what Mr. Khadr was alleged to have done. He had only to defend high principle.

The rest.

Note to Lawrence Martin: be careful. You just called the child soldier “Mr.”


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