Not Qualified, Or Bigotry? BCHRT To Investigate Medical School

[Vancouver Sun] The issue of foreign-trained doctors who are prevented from practising in Canada by Canadian professional bodies refusing to accept their credentials is about to be tested by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

The tribunal has accepted a complaint of discrimination against the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons and the University of British Columbia filed by an Argentine-trained physician, Paola Fauerbach.

Fauerbach is a radiologist specializing in mammography and breast ultrasound whose qualifications are recognized in the European Union but not in Canada. She came to Canada in 2001 and has Canadian citizenship.

Both the college and UBC have tried to have the tribunal throw out Fauerbach’s complaint on the basis they had non-discriminatory grounds to explain their conduct.

Earlier this year, the tribunal rejected the college’s motion for dismissal and now tribunal member Tonie Buharrell has rejected UBC’s motion, opening the way for a hearing into the allegations.

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2 responses to “Not Qualified, Or Bigotry? BCHRT To Investigate Medical School

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  2. Simon Fleischmann

    This is silly and a reflection of post-modern distillation.

    Let me explain.

    Medical knowledge may be global, but medical practice is cultural.

    For example, the preferred delivery system for prescription drugs in many part of the Middle East is the syringe. In the west, it is the single-dose pill or capsule. Image the brouhaha if an Arabic doctor began practicing his profession as if he was still in Cairo! “Canadians” would complain about “needle-happy doctors” yadayada. This being CA-NA-DUH, the HRCs would be INUNDATED with complaints and have to expand their staffs hither, thither and yon.

    All because HRC staff are colloquial hicks with delusions of sophistication with colloquial degrees from colloquial little educational institutions that don’t mean shit to a tree outside Canada’s borders because Canada’s universities are a joke with few exceptions.

    But I digress…

    WORD OF ADVICE TO YOUNGSTERS: Go into debt and get a REAL degree from a place that MEANS something like Harvard or Yale or Cambridge or Oxford. Sure, you’ll run up tons of debt, but Canuckistani corporations and governments will LINE UP to offer you employment. That is how hypocritical Canada and Canadians have become. They denigrate the USA but pay premium salaries for the privilege of employing someone with credentials from a reputable American university. Plus ca change, more Canada CLINGS to its mediocrity.

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