Didn’t Get The Memo?

Emphasis ours.

[CNW] “The federal government’s single-minded determination to deny the legitimacy of conscientious objection to what is plainly an illegal war rife with human rights abuses is abhorrent. Robin himself has been harassed by authorities by being arrested for violating a deportation order of which neither he nor his counsel were ever advised,” says Lee Zaslofsky.


[National Post] On his arrest he received a deportation order. The process was delayed by various immigration applications and legal appeals. After his application for refugee status was denied in February, 2007, Mr. Long asked for protected person status. That was also refused.

Earlier this year, he received a negative pre-removal risk assessment by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, which led to his final deportation order. Mr. Long was apprehended in Nelson on July 4 and has been in custody since.

He did not attempt to seek conscientious objector status with the military. Instead, Mr. Long deserted and entered Canada.


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