Put Cherry Out To Pasture

[Calgary Herald] Ah, the rule of unintended consequences. Canada creates human-rights commissions and ends up auditing mainstream media for hate speech. Then there’s the Order of Canada, meant to unite Canadians in honouring great figures, which must decide if hockey rabblerouser Don Cherry is a positive or divisive influence on this country.

Like Alexander Keith’s, those who like Cherry like him a lot. The rest? They’d rather drink skunky beer than see the voluble CBC oracle honoured. Either he’s ruined hockey or he’s revived patriotism. The country hangs on his words. Yet if the purpose of the Order is to unite, Cherry doesn’t meet the purported standard (not that it hurt Henry Morgentaler getting the Order).

Perhaps the best way to recognize Cherry might be to make him an honourary colonel in a military regiment (hey, it worked for Colonel Sanders). Get that tailor of his to design a uniform full of braid and scrambled eggs on the collar. Let him troop a parade into the broadcasters’ wing at the Hockey Hall of Fame. And then lead him off to a vast green pasture of his own choosing.

The rest.


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