Paper: Free Speech On Ice

More internatinal bad press for Canadian human rights commissions.

[The Oklahoman] Up in Canada, the big birthday celebration is July 1, not July 4. On Canada Day, you might hear the strains of “O Canada,” including the words “God keep our land, glorious and free.”

Mark Steyn has reason to stress the “free” in that stanza. Steyn‘s been on trial for the “crime” of offending Muslims with “hate speech.” Meanwhile back in the United States, some guardians of the First Amendment want journalists to avoid using terms such as “illegal immigrants” and “Islamic terrorist” or anything that might offend Mexicans or followers of the Islamic faith.

Our brave new world has less freedom than we think. Either a government (Canada, in this case) is chilling free speech or political correctness (America, in this case) is putting it on ice.

The rest.


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