Human Rights Commission To Advise On Dog Park

[TDN] The long-running debate over if and where the city should help develop a dog park seems to have no end. We thought the issue had been settled a couple of weeks ago, when the Longview City Council voted 4-3 to contribute $15,000 in leftover Neighborhood Park Grant Funds to fence off three acres at Gerhart Gardens Park. Councilman Chuck Wallace thought differently.

The day following that June 12 vote, Wallace contacted the Washington State Human Rights Commission to question whether or not the council’s action squared with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Wallace worries the park’s planned location would make it inaccessible to many elderly and disabled dog owners. “We’re expected to keep everyone in mind, not just the loudest squeaky wheel,” he told Daily News reporter Amy M.E. Fischer. “I do believe I’m doing the right thing. … This is definitely opening up an issue.”

The rest.


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