Activists: We Got What We Wanted…Damnit.

[Globe and Mail] Downtown Toronto will shut down Sunday as people gather to celebrate homosexuality and gender-bending. The occasion is Pride Day, one of Canada’s largest cultural events.

Some complain that the event’s mainstream acceptance has left Pride without soul, a massive corporate-sponsored opium-farm. Where, the radicals ask, is the deep iconoclastic spirit of the very first Pride marches, before it was safe to be gay?


Gay rights activists prove to be as bureaucratic as any other lifetime political hacks, as they manuever for a new cause: transgender rights (that’s the “T” in the LGBT).

Canadians are steadily approaching the new cultural battleground of transsexual rights mindful of ethical lessons from previous debates about minorities. There is also a more personal connection. Everyone is realizing that their gender identity is complex, and we feel natural empathy where that complexity is most intense. An extraordinary transgender “pride” is still necessary, however.


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