Man Falls Through Thin Ice. Humanity To Blame.

[Earth Times] Five young people told how rising waters threatened their countries or how melting ice was undermining traditional ways of life as they told an international conference of their personal experiences with climate change. These so-called climate change witnesses were addressing more than 200 leaders from all sectors of society gathered in Geneva Tuesday at the first annual meeting of the Global Humanitarian Forum. 

“My friend went out hunting but never returned. He never returned because he fell through thin ice, ice that should never have been thin at that time of year,” said Jesse Mike, a native Inuk from Baffin Island, Canada.

The rest.

DWE’s been seeing a lot of this “climate justice” stuff lately, so you’d better get used to it. In this same article, Kofi Annan (yes, that Kofi Annan) finally gets to the point. As always it’s…! You’re shocked, we know.

“What is absolutely crucial is that we and people around the world measure and weigh the impact of climate change not just in scientific terms but by its social, economic and humanitarian implications,” said Forum founder and President Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary general. 

The humanitarian impact of climate change was the chosen theme and “the single most destructive force” confronting humankind, said Annan. 

“We must have climate justice. As an international community we must recognize that the polluter must pay,” he added.


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