Let’s Go To The Source

If times get tough, there’s always a chance one of us at DWE could get a job editing the Waterloo Record.

[Mohamed Elmasry, The Record, June 25th, 2008] On March 30, 2007, the law students met with Maclean’s senior editors and proposed that the magazine publish a balanced response to Steyn’s article from a mutually acceptable source.

The response was that Maclean’s “would rather go bankrupt.”


[June 3rd, 2008. Julian Porter cross examining Khurrum Awan, one of the witnesses at the BCHRT hearing, as quoted in Andrew Coyne’s live-blog. Emphasis ours.]

1:50 PM Julian Porter begins cross-examining young Awan. He notes off the top that Elmasry’s complaint to the human rights commission was filed April 30, 2007. The meeting with Maclean’s was March 30.

The claim the students have made publicly on a number of occasions, including in their filings to the various human rights commissions to which they took their complaint, is that they had proposed the “reply” to Steyn’s piece be written by a “mutually acceptable” author, the better to show how “unreasonable” Maclean’s had been. Porter rounds on him: “I suggest to you that you never said ‘mutually acceptable’ at that meeting.” He’s caught off guard. He stammers out a concession: they did not.

Kerrannggg!!! As Porter says, “this goes to his credibility.” It’s a peculiarly pointed exchange: Porter was himself at the meeting, as Maclean’s lawyer. So when he says “I suggest you never said” something, the witness is under unusual pressure.


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