Embarrassed By The Childish Don Cherry

[Embassy, Canada’s Foreign Policy News Weekly] Who of us is not embarrassed by the childish yet potent rants by Don Cherry, champion of both hockey fighting and a tougher military, on Canada’s ubiquitous TV program, Hockey Night in Canada?


[Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner, March 22nd, 2008. Fast forward to 6:25 of the clip]

“This is his third tour. He went over three times. We feel so awful…I just…Allison, his wife, and his beautiful two-year-old daughter…he’ll just never see again. It just tears your heart out.”


[Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner, Nov 11, 2006. Remembrance Day Commemoration]

“These are the bravest guys in the world. I know there’s a lot of people out there – we have to support them – I know there’s a lot of people out there don’t believe in the war. That’s your right. You can believe in it. But while they’re over there, we have to support them. We have to take care of the wounded. They should be the number one priority in this country, that they went over there and were wounded. I tell you, they fought the good fight, just like Steven [soldier that sent a letter thanking Cherry]  said. And now we have to honour our fellow Canadians, who have gone over there, and have left everything that was near and dear to them, and who never will return. God love them.”


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