Activist Complainant: Speaking In Public OK, Just Don’t Dare Put It In Writing

More from the When Human Rights Collide file.

[Toronto Sun] Wells adds the commission has not been fair in giving him a full opportunity to argue his case because he was only allowed to file three pages of information to back up his complaint and argues there is much more to consider.

He argues the material on the magazine’s website “does not represent Catholic teaching” and wants the human rights commission to proceed with his complaint expeditiously.

“It’s hateful, discriminatory and it has to be challenged,” argues Wells, who adds the controversy is not about religious freedom.

I don’t care what they say from their pulpit,” he says. “But when they put hate messages or messages that are likely to expose minority groups to hatred or contempt, it’s against the human rights legislation.”

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2 responses to “Activist Complainant: Speaking In Public OK, Just Don’t Dare Put It In Writing

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  2. Simon Fleischmann

    People should remember that when members of ANY clergy speak of “marriage”, they are referring to “the SACRAMENT of marriage” from the perspective of an active theological clerical voice.

    This has been lost in the whole “gay marriage” debate: Civil ‘marriages’ performed by representatives of the secular state (i.e. justices of the peace, judges, etc) are not genuine “marriages” from a theological perspective.

    In other words, Catholics and Anglicans who “marry” in civil ceremonies are in contravention of their own alleged religious faith/principles. Such “civil unions” have never been recognized to be “marriages” from a theological/clergy perspective.

    The entire “gay marriage” debate happened without the general public EVER having gained the basic understanding that the debate was framed within the secular state context. The state has no business dictating theology to religions and there was NEVER any question of “forcing” religious clergy to perform gay marriages.

    Unfortunately, in the wake of the legalization of gay civil unions, some ‘gay advocates’ have proven themselves to be of sub-par intelligence and continue to pursue their basic misunderstanding of the entire debate.

    Stupid is as stupid does.


    Obvious Conclusion: Canada is a STUPID country run by stupid people for stupid people. And that is DANGEROUS for the rest of us (the majority, I might add).

    Next Question: How long does it take a Canadian Majority to find its balls?

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