Another Entry For The Newspeak Dictionary

Old entries: “Illegal aliens” and “Immigrants.” New entry: “Migrants.”

Always fun listening to the human rights crowd talk about immigration. It’s not, “Change the country that’s treating people like crap.” It’s “Crap on the countries that don’t open the floodgates.”

[Democracy Now interview with Joseph Nevins, university prof and immigration guru]

AMY GOODMAN: And we’re going to hear from one of them in a few minutes, but I wanted to ask first your use of language. You qualify what you write at the beginning of your book. 

JOSEPH NEVINS: Mm-hmm. Well, one of the terms that we often hear is this term “illegal,” right? “Illegal alien,” or something like that. And this is a term that has been created by national governments as a way of criminalizing what I see and many members of the international human rights community and migrant rights community see as a basic human right—the right to migrate—if we take international human rights conventions seriously.


Cool! Border checks and passports are human rights violations. We’re going to migrate to Capri.

JOSEPH NEVINS: In order to access the resources necessary to realize those rights, they need to migrate. If you deny them the right to migrate, you’re effectively denying them the right to have those rights, right? So in that sense, international human rights becomes meaningless, if we don’t have a right to migrate.


Sorry, one more: “climate change refugees.” You might be interested in this one because it’ll cost you a ton of cash. First, to pay for housing the climate change refugees. Second, for keeping the NGOs and activists stocked with fresh crackpipes.

[National Post] A growing movement of academics, NGOs and activists insist that industrialized nations owe the displaced some form of restitution, either in the form of aid or a kind of human offsetting, in which major carbon-producing nations would accept these so-called refugees.

Taken to the extreme, the scenario would have massive global implications: Citing greenhouse gases as a cause, a UN agency last year estimated that there are already 25 million people who have moved as a result of environmental degradation; other agencies warn the number could climb as high as 200 million in the next 50 years. Victims displaced by drought, starvation or crop failure could claim this kind of refugee status, even if government corruption or incompetence — not global warming –led to their plight.


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