Michael Nenonen: Blame Israel

[The Republic of East Vancouver] Israel’s remarkably influential lobbyists portray it as morally exemplary, a light unto the nations, a beacon of democratic virtue illuminating the Middle Eastern darkness. Like all moral exemplars, its actions help set the standard for morally acceptable behaviour among nations. When Israel commits atrocities, the damage to international moral standards is therefore far greater then when atrocities are committed by reviled countries. The atrocities of states like Myanmar are universally condemned, and rightly so, but Israel’s atrocities are whitewashed or rationalized by powerbrokers throughout the Western World. This process of justification establishes new international norms guided by the principle that “If Israel does it, it can’t be so bad.”

The rest.


2 responses to “Michael Nenonen: Blame Israel

  1. What kind of B.S. is this supposed to be?

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