French Reporter To Bono: Why Is Your Pip-Squeak Country Holding Europe Hostage?

Regarding Ireland voting “no” to the Lisbon Treaty:

Do you feel Europe might be bankrupt? A diminutive country is holding 500,000,000 people to ransom…

You know, it’s not up to me to comment on European unity. At this point in time, I don’t think Ireland wishes to hold back Europe’s progress. I genuinely think the Irish people were not sure about the implications, and that that is why they vote no.

The rest.

Plus, an excerpt from the Give Me The Answer I’m Looking For file. Reporter to Bono, closing down the interview:

The US could well have a black president soon. Do you think his Kenyan extraction might make a difference – in the US and in Africa? And, while we’re at it, will he win?

So Obama in the White House would be good news for the world and for Africa?

I think it will be very good news for the world. But I hasten to add that John McCain is a supporter of our ideas too.

So who would you vote for?

Once I put on my One T-shirt, I gave up my right to be from the Left or from the Right. This is the one thing both can agree on. So I’m basically an unusual Irish rock star (because we never shut up) but I will remain mute about who I would vote for were I American.


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