Waterloo Record: Free Speech Gets Kicked In The Head

The Waterloo Record’s new slogan: More Balls Than The Vancouver Sun.

[Record editorial] For five depressing days in a nondescript courtroom in Vancouver last week, one of the most important rights in Canada — the right to free speech — was repeatedly kicked in the head.


[Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun] From the start, the tribunal should have agreed that Steyn’s Oct. 26, 2006 piece was insulting and wrong-headed. It might even have said it’s regrettable that Maclean’s gave space to this kind of incendiary sarcasm.

But then the tribunal should have told the congress it’s not the job of human rights agencies to police hate crimes — constitutionally that is a federal government responsibility. It is also not its job to regulate the content of a national magazine.

Not their job to find them guilty, but only to smear them? Sorry, pal. There’s no hedging on this bet.


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