Little Ol’ Prince Edward Island: Where The Real Money Is

Eastern School Board v. Montigny and Ayangma 2007 PESCTD 18 – page 10

The Panel ordered the Eastern School Board to pay Mr. Ayangma $55,000 plus interest for lost wages, and a further $6,000 for hurt and humiliation.


The Reverend Gael Matheson v. Presbytery of PEI and Others – page 8

Concerning the monetary claims, after looking at the constituent elements of the harassment experienced by the complainant, the Panel awarded $50,000 in general damages.

On the claim for loss of income, after considering the complainant’s duty to reduce her loss by seeking other employment, (and reducing the award by 10 per cent due to a partial failure to pursue employment opportunities), the Panel awarded the sum of $425,058.00 for loss of income during the years 1997-2006.


Stephen Dowling v. Government of PEI

The Panel did not find Mr. Dowling’s termination to be discriminatory, however, it did find that he was denied an opportunity to compete for the position of Golf Shop Supervisor on the basis of political belief and his association with others who held that belief. Mr. Dowling was awarded $5,000.00 for hurt and humiliation.  Costs were ordered against the Government in the amount of $9,600.00. [By the way, “costs awarded against the government” means “taxpayers will foot the bill.”]



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