Animal Rights Protesters: Circus Fans Are Child Abusers

[Local Guardian] Animal rights protesters hurled abuse at families as they entered Zippos circus on Twickenham Green at the weekend.

Zippos’ founder and owner, Martin Burton, said he heard parents called “child abusers” by the protesters, who represented sub-groups of Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) and Animal Defenders International.

The rest.


2 responses to “Animal Rights Protesters: Circus Fans Are Child Abusers

  1. If not trying to pevent children from seeing and enjoying live animals, individuals from these groups would be hiding behind curtains muttering against and demeaning neighbors none has ever met. You never hear of one of these out of touch with reality groups (also out to eradicate all domestic farm and companion animals) ever admitting even that zoos have played a hefty role in preserving species.

  2. Some zoos help to preserve certain species, like pandas by breeing them. But the zoos don’t release the animals. I want to see animals run free, not live in a cage, except when it’s time to perform their act at Sea World. Also-I’m against circuses with animals, but I don’t see how you’re necessarily a child abuser if you take your child to one. I protested Ringling Brother’s Circus and one attendant of the circus said my parents should have beaten me; but I think that makes that hick a red-neck and ignorant, not a child abuser.

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