Catholic Bishop: Sex Rights Have Trumped Religious Rights, But Maybe We Can Still Help

A letter from the When Human Rights Collide file:

[Bishop of Lancaster, Patrick O’Donoghue, June 2, 2008]

My dear people,

I write about the future of Catholic Caring Services in the Diocese of Lancaster, in the light of the implementation of the Government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations(within the Equality Act [2006]). This must be one of the most difficult letters I have ever written as your Bishop. I am being forced to act because of the Trustees’ view (8-2) that we have no choice, if we are to remain in the work of adoption, but to accept homosexual and lesbian partnerships for the adoption of children.

In the event of Catholic Caring Services not being able to continue in adoption work then I would hope that the Diocese would be in a position to set up an adoption group to canvass prospective adopters and support them following adoption.

The rest.


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