BCHRT Greatest Hits

We’ll be highlighting a bunch of these this week, as the BCHRT is in the news.

Here’s one from September, 2005. Ralph Stopps applied for a membership at the Just Ladies fitness centre. Tribunal Member (read, judge) Judy Parrack ruled against him. Reason? He knew the place discriminated against men before he walked in the door, so why did he bother? Case dismissed.

[33] Mr. Stopps said he did not know that Just Ladies excluded men.  It was his belief that it was a “marketing” ploy and it was directed at women.  I did not find this evidence credible.  It was clear from the entirety of Mr. Stopps’s evidence that he knew Just Ladies was a women-only facility.  He went there specifically seeking to be denied a membership; he would not have expected this result if it was a co-ed facility.

[159] In conclusion, Mr. Stopps’ complaint is dismissed pursuant to s. 37(1) of the Code.

But, over in Quebec:

A Montreal gay bar that caters to male clients has settled a discrimination complaint with a woman who was thrown out of the premises.

Bar Le Stud and Audrey Vachon, the 21-year-old woman who launched the complaint, agreed to keep the terms of the settlement confidential, Canadian Press reported Tuesday.

Quebec’s human rights commission says businesses have the right to attract a particular clientele but not to discriminate by excluding other customers.


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