One Step Closer To Total Power – And A Whole Bunch Of Money

[CHRC website, May 29, 2008] The Commission was commenting on the passage of Bill C-21 in the House of Commons.

“This is a milestone piece of legislation,” said CHRC Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C., “How appropriate that this historic step forward by Parliament is being taken now, as today is the National Day of Action.”

Repeal of this section is just a first step. The real work for the Commission and for First Nations — building effective human rights protection — is just beginning.


Don’t forget to pony up the cash…

[Jennifer Lynch, Speech, April 19, 2007] I would like to articulate clearly the imperative need of ensuring that both First Nations and the Commission have the resources needed to ensure that implementation is successful. No matter how well an interpretative provision is drafted or how long the transitional period is, implementation will not be successful without adequate resources to build needed capacity. Without that capacity, implementation may falter and this would bring the Canadian Human Rights Act into disrepute.  No one wants this result.


…and just remember who you’re dealing with, too.

[Speech, same page] Finally, I would like to clarify that the Commission’s statutory mandate goes well beyond the investigation and resolution of human rights complaints.  The Act makes the Commission the guardian of human rights by giving the Commission broad powers to ensure that human rights are effectively implemented in the federal jurisdiction.

But it’s all about Aboriginal rights, isn’t it?


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