Not A Guide Dog? Not A Problem

[Vancouver Sun] A strata council has been ordered to pay a blind man $12,000 for frustrating his attempts to buy into a Vancouver Island townhouse development because he was bringing his guide dog with him.

“I have concluded that it was Ms. Frazelle’s understanding that the strata council could only accept a dog over 15 kg if it was a registered guide dog. This had an adverse impact on Mr. Jones because of his physical disability,” [BC Human Rights Tribunal Member, Barbara Humphreys] said in her written decision.

Humphreys said that while Chloe didn’t have training as a guide dog, there was evidence she had adapted to the role as Jones lost his sight.

The rest.


One response to “Not A Guide Dog? Not A Problem

  1. The by-law states only dogs 15 kg, no mention of guide, companion or assistance dogs. How can this by-law be broken by Judge?
    If a by-law has restrictions on age of adult tenant or a ruling of no children allowed, can these be broken by a Human Rights tribunal?
    The title of this article was also misleading, the dog was not registered as “guide dog”.
    Any suggestions how a strata would word their by-law in regards to animals so as not to run into this problem again?

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