Another Pot Smoker Files Human Rights Complaint

[CBC] Ontario regulations banning medicinal-marijuana users from smoking on bar and restaurant patios violate the human rights of people with disabilities, alleges an Ottawa man who has filed a complaint over the issue.

Russell Barth submitted the complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission on Monday on behalf of himself and his wife, Christine Lowe.

The rest.


2 responses to “Another Pot Smoker Files Human Rights Complaint

  1. The LS from SK


    I am getting tired of this. I am a non – smoker and resent having to now face the possibility of medical MJ smokers around me and having to inhale their toxic second hand smoke.

    I suppose though if the police stop me for impaired driving the silly human rights commission will come to my defence.

    I think these hrcs should check out the true meaning of accomodation for the MJ smokers can go outside and puff away until they are blue in the gace.

  2. LS: guess you haven’t read the complaint. The Ontario liquor law is overbroad and won’t even allow them to smoke outside, away from the doors.

    LS, I hope you don’t fart, as a non-methane breather I resent having to smell your stink! You can see the slippery slope works both ways…

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